news for August 5, 2017

Aloha to my SQ & RD dancing family & friends:

07/09/17 Sunday, we were struggling to have one square, thanks to our two visiting dancers- Fran from Vermont and Peg from Massachusetts.

Mahalo to Will and Paul, also the Long family. We managed to do the square dancing without our Caller Kieth who was sick in the hospital. Thank God for the YouTube I managed to record couple of calling music from YouTube.

To thank our visiting dancers, we had a free dancing night for them due to the dancing condition was not ideal. We are so happy that we made it through the night till 8pm. Thank you God for another fun night of dancing.

I am very thankful to Will and Paul for always coming to our dances, our strongest supporters. Thank God for their participation. Besides the following link to the photo site, I will attach couple of fun photos in this email!

7/29/2017 Not only the round dance workshop, we had an early birthday circle for Beverly and we danced to her favorite dances.  Happy belated birthday to Beverly again.. on 7/31/2017.  Atlas, thank you for dancing with us!
Love and hugs from SJ


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